P1 is a lifestyle reality-based television series about people that race cars.  The show delves into the personalities and passion of Canada's top race car drivers as they strive to become celebrated winners.

P1 is a term that is unique to the motorsports world and is short for the words "position one."  P1 is the ultimate goal of every motorsports competitor, be it having the fastest lap in qualifying or finishing in first postion in a race.  We expect the episodes to be P1 in the hearts of its viewers.

Over the years, Corner2 has produced 25 web shows which were published on the CTCC YouTube Channel and Website.  Those shows were a mix of off-season features, event news-type reports and reality-based "Webisodes" that varied in length from eleven to fourteen minutes.  The Webisodes proved to be the most popular with our viewers and became the emerging idea for P1.

In Canada, P1 was broadcast nationally on Sportsnet One and regionally on TVA Sports (French language).

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